What to Expect on Your Wedding Day

  • By:Weddings of Heart

For many couples, their wedding day generates a multitude of feelings ranging from nervousness to excitement. My focus is to support you in staying balanced, open, present and joyful on your wedding day. I do this by:

  • Arriving at least 40 minutes before your ceremony start time to meet with your vendors (musicians, photographer, and coordinator), family members and bridal party
  • Supporting you in readying yourself for the ceremony, offering you a moment of centering before the ceremony, and encouraging you to take time to remind yourself what you cherish about your partner.
  • Being available to guests for 15 minutes directly following ceremony

Supervising the witnesses signing of the license; filing and mailing original marriage license to county and sending you a Xeroxed copy of the license. Please take some time to read the Words of Thanks from happy couples.

Hear Rev. Lili during several weddings:

Marriage Address

Acknowledgment of Friends

Honoring Parents

Closing Blessing

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