The wedding day was incredibly joyous and wonderful!  We felt greatly connected to Lili and appreciate the warmth she shared not only with us, but with our families and all the guests. People commented at how the beautiful words were, and her loving presence really supported the atmosphere we wanted to create on our special day. Her patience, kindness, and acceptance of our love, cultures and union really made the entire experience that much more special.

— Sung and Carlos

My husband and I had a very uplifting experience of Lili’s officiating our wedding ceremony. From the beginning there was a sincerity in our work together to make the vows, the discussions of our relationship, and the ceremony itself an experience of loving and honesty. Prior to the ceremony we discussed our vows, as well as the challenges in our relationship which needed blessings and support for healing and resolution. With her support, our marriage ceremony became the stage for us to authentically express ourselves as individuals, and as partners, to our beloved family and friends. Our time meeting with her beforehand, the wedding ceremony, and the overall synergy created from our work together resides in our hearts always. We are eternally grateful for her support and loving, and know that the opportunity to work with her and receive her guidance and blessings was a gracious gift from Spirit.

— Mick and Anne

From our first conversation with Lili we knew she would be the perfect person to marry us. Her calm gentle demeanor and ability to get us to focus on each other was tremendously helpful, especially the day before the wedding, when we felt worn to a frazzle! The ceremony was so lovely, and her words rang so true for both of us. Her spirituality shines through her and wraps those close to in the warm light of God. We are so grateful to her for helping us craft the perfect ceremony and being an integral part of beginning of our life together as a family.

— Jennifer and James


Lili’s work on our ceremony was indispensable. Not only did she provide us with numerous written options for the ceremony, She also gave us a lot of great ideas for rituals from a variety of cultural traditions. All of this allowed us to tailor a ceremony that fit us perfectly. In addition, her actual officiating of the ceremony itself was absolutely inspired, and we received nothing but raves from our guests concerning the ceremony. Lili made us feel entirely comfortable from our initial meeting, all the way through to our presentation as husband and wife, and we could not recommend her services more strongly!

— David and Alexis


Getting married is a very personal, treasured event – and we both agree there could have been no one better to guide us through our wedding than you. We wish we could get married all over again just to be able to work with you again!

— Maggie & Andy


David and I are so very pleased that you presided over our wedding ceremony. Family members told us repeatedly that they were very moved and wondered how we found someone who conveyed so much of the spirit of our particular union in the words of the ceremony. You were a pleasure to work with from the beginning to the moment we bid you farewell. We will always treasure your incomparable contribution to our most unforgettable day on this earth.


— Abby & David


Thank you so much for working with us to craft a beautiful and personal ceremony. Our guests still mention how special it was! But more importantly, you brought a very calming, stately presence on our day and that was just what we needed!


— Tracy & Naoki

We loved the way the ceremony had a spiritual yet earthly quality to it. So many of our family and friends commented on how beautifully the ceremony was delivered and on your calming presence and wonderful voice. Your patience and professionalism was a Godsend during the weeks leading up to the wedding. You kept us organized with our ceremony deadlines, which helped us immensely in staying calm. We are so happy we got to work with you.

— Marissa & Brian

As mother of the bride, I am so touched and pleased that you performed my daughter’s wedding. Not only were your words so carefully chosen, so personal, so spiritual, but they were also so clearly heard by all, including the elderly, hard of hearing relatives. Yesterday, I drove to my parents home {in their 80’s} and they mentioned how well they heard all that you said and how amazing you were. Thank you so much for such a beautiful ceremony. My heart remains very full.

— Lynn

There is no price tag for the love and care you put into making the beginning of our marriage so reflective of us as a couple. We consider ourselves blessed to have had you as the one who helped us begin our married life.

— Omar & Rhea

Lili met with us before the wedding ceremony, taking time to get to know us as individuals and as a couple. With sensitivity, kindness, and insight, she helped us clarify the special things we were each bringing to the relationship, and where we hoped to go together in the marriage. Her thoughtfulness and skill made all the difference as we prepared for this profound event in our lives.

When the big day arrived, Lili was so loving and graceful as she led us through the ceremony we forgot our nerves and relaxed into the joy of the occasion. We knew we were in skillful, capable hands, and all we had to think about was each other and the incredible spirit of love that was present.

— Darnell & Leanna